Treasurer’s Report – February 2020

CGNE Neighborhood Association 

Treasurer’s Report, February 24, 2020


Balance as of 1/27/2020                                                       $1,757.13


          Kris Teran  (supplies for new neighbors packets) 

                    Ck  1145                                                                      10.17

          Cindy Sorrensen (Valentine breakfast supplies)

                    Ck 1146                                                                       59.03 


       Dues and donations –                                                           115.00                                


Balance as of 2/24/2020                                                        $1,802.93                                               

We have 4 households that have paid 2020 dues, 2 that paid in 2019 for 2020 and 2 that paid by check this so far this year and a $100 dues/donation from the owners of the mobile home on Water Street.


Submitted by the CGNE treasurer, Vicki Mills


Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – January 27, 2020

CGNE 1-27-20 Meeting Minutes w- attachments FINAL.pdf

Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2020 6:00-7:00 pm Ward III Office

Attendance: Brian Silverstein, Cindy Sorrensen, Chris Janton, Vicki Mills, Robert Mitchell, Cathy Rex, Kris and Humberto Teran, Nick and Karen de Gennaro, Jim Croxen, Georgia O’Neill, S. Meade, C. Rahnson, Leilana Bew

Guests: TPD Officer Gradias

Minutes of the November 25, 2019 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report – Vicki Mills

We have $1757.13 in the bank as of 1/27/20. Forty-one households have paid dues in 2019. We ended 2019 with $360.08 more than we began. See attached report.

Old Business

Recap of Caroling in the Park – Cindy Sorrensen

The caroling was very successful. We estimate 30-50 people came. Many young families came with children who especially liked the S’ mores. There was not a musician this year, but Cindy was able to provide music through her phone and a portable speaker. The earlier time worked well. All were much appreciative for Cindy organizing the event.

Tucson Water monthly service charge – Kris Teran

Kris provided the results of her extensive research on Tucson Water’s monthly Service Charge which varies based on the size of the water meter to the home. The service charge for a 1” meter is nearly double that of a 5/8” meter. Tucson Water has been unable to provide justification for the higher fees. The result of a larger meter is simply that there is more capacity for water use – there is no relationship to actual water use.

She provided a map (see attached) and listings that shows the 365 meters in CGNE of which 40 are 1”, one is 1 1⁄2” and all the others are 5/8”. The 1” meters were primarily installed in 1975. There is no indication why different meter sizes have been installed over the years.


So far, Tucson Water has not been willing to reduce her service charge (she has a 1” meter) to the same as a 5/8” meter without actually changing the meter to the smaller size. The cost to her would be $400 to do that. So far, she has not found the Ward office to be helpful in resolving this. She will ask Tucson Water if the $400 could be paid monthly, over the equivalent time it would take to recoup the cost difference.


Basically, it appears that Tucson Water is not charging the true cost of servicing various meter sizes, because they also said there is no more service needed on a larger meter than a smaller one. It is speculated that even if she is successful in getting this corrected, homeowners may still not benefit because it could cause the smaller meter homes to have an increase service charge rather than the larger meters getting a smaller fee.

She will report her progress at a future meeting.

New Business

Plan for Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast – Cindy Sorrensen

Cindy is requesting volunteers to help with the cooking at the upcoming event. Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring a side dish. It will be held at Amy Utzinger’s house, the same as last year, at the northwest intersection of Norris, Rennoc and Towner. Those of us who attended last year are looking forward to a nice time again.

Save the date! Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast Sunday, February 16, approximately 10:00- 12:00. More information to come.

Update on Little Library in the Park – Vicki Mills

Vicki reported that Matthew Brown has volunteered to repair the Little Library in Conner Park that had been vandalized. He will need some funds to purchase paint to match what is there, and plexiglass to replace the glass in the windows, but he has the other materials to do the work. It was agreed that CGNE can help pay for the materials needed to repair the library.

Officer Gradias was asked if other Little Libraries have been vandalized and he had not heard of any. The more typical issue appears to be the books are taken and not returned/replaced or someone takes all of the books at once. We are not as concerned in CGNE of the books not being returned, but Vicki does have a stamp/sticker to put in the donated books to indicate they are Little Free Library books.

Update on Conner Park Security – Brian Silverstein

Brian summarized the Conner Park security concerns expressed at the November CGNE meeting. Officer Gradias reported that another officer is hopeful to get approved to carry out a project to see if having restrooms at a park increases undesirable activity such as drug use. TPD now has special “Park Officers” to monitor the parks and most park restrooms are locked from 10 pm to 6 am. He hasn’t heard of any that have been locked 24/7 for any length of time.


He said it is always a good idea to call 911 or call him at 520-484-3488 if we see undesirable activity such as drug use, camping etc. Sometimes it takes awhile for the issues to be taken care of, but if they are not reported, they cannot be resolved. Code Enforcement also has an on-line form to deal with campers in alleys, vacant land etc.

Meeting Schedule for 2020 & Secretary Position – Vicki Mills

Usually we meet the 4th Monday — but in May 4th Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day and we don’t have the Ward III office for June — so that would mean 2 months in a row without a meeting. Tentatively, this is not an issue for anyone.

Vicki heard from our CGNE secretary Ana Maria Lopez Medrano that she may have to resign her secretary position due to extensive scheduling conflicts that she cannot attend meetings to take the minutes. Since the secretary position is required by the City, President Brian Silverstein asked if someone else can help by filling the position. Please contact him if so.

Next Roll-Off – Brian Silverstein

It looks like March would be a good time to request a roll-off for neighborhood clean-up since it is about mid-way between the regular Brush and Bulky pick-ups.

Service Line Insurance & TEP Lines upgrades – Cathy Rex

Homeowners considering the City’s Service Line Insurance programs are encouraged to check first with their own Homeowner’s insurance. Cathy Rex reported that she was able to get better coverage for all the services lines (water, electric, gas, sewer etc.) at a much lower rate than the city program. Chris Janton does have the city insurance and reported that the problem he had was promptly repaired under the program.

TEP changed out some alley overhead power lines as a training exercise for their apprentices. If you have problems due to the project, you can contact the TEP Project Manager Matt Karber at 884-3621.

Javelinas – Nick and Karen de Gennaro are owners of the Water St. /Tucson Blvd mobile home park. The mobile home park has been in Nick’s family for a very long time, but this is the first CGNE meeting they have attended. Lately they have been having problems with javelinas and they asked if anyone else is too. The javelinas can only enter their site from Water Street, and they are actually damaging the skirting around some of the mobile homes as well as other damage and safety concerns. Others at the meeting have seen javelinas around and reported some damage to plants, but not to structures. Nick said they have gotten the educational materials from Game and Fish for all of their residents. Since javelinas are a protected species, there isn’t much you can do except making sure not to feed them or have landscaping that attracts them. Sometimes a spray of diluted ammonia works.

Minutes as reported by Cathy Rex substituting for Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, secretary.

Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – November 25th, 2019, Ward III office

NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

25th, 2019, Ward III office


Attendance:  Brian Silverstein, Cindy Sorrensen, Chris Janton, Vicki Mills, Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Cathy Rex, Jim Croxen, David Owen, Elana Summers, Georgia O’Neill, Connie Trecartin, Jeff Bennan, Thomas Williams, Bill Tylutki, Kris and Humberto Teran, Jenny Bell, C. Bahnsak, Mathew Brown and S. Meade

Guests:  None

of the October meeting were approved

– Vicki
Mills – We have $1661.27 in bank. Expenses for the picnic were: Kathy Nichols
(face painter) $50.00 (check 1140). Vicki Mills 92.16 for food and drinks
(checks 1141 and 1142). During the picnic there was a total of $255.00 in dues
paid and donation.  Thirty-nine households have paid dues this year.

about the picnic in November –

The picnic
was very successful.  It is impossible to get an accurate head count as people come and go during the hours of the picnic, but we estimate 50-60 people came. 
It was the biggest turnout for the picnic ever.

Changes to Conner Park

At the October meeting, U of A Architecture students
presented a plan to redesign the park and to improve flooding issues. Their
design was emailed to the neighbors and it included removing the backstop,
moving the children’s playground and transforming the space into an open field for
games with more trees planted in other areas. 
The plan was interesting, but the chances of getting the money to implement it are slim.

At the same time as the students were working on a
plan for the park, neighbors with houses adjoining the park asked the City to
have the backstop removed. One of the neighbors had her window broken four
times. This issue has been brought to the City of Tucson in the past and one of
the solutions given before was to place a sign by the backstop that states:
“For 12 and under”. However, this sign had not deterred older kids and grown
ups from using the backstop to hit hard balls. When people play with hard
baseballs, the rest of the park feels pretty unsafe because you cannot predict
where a hard ball may land, so people tend to leave the park when some grown
kids play baseball.

Occasionally there are little kids that play t-ball
with their parents at the backstop, but there is not a great need to have the
backstop to continue using the park in this manner.

Another complaint is that baseballs have hit cars
passing on Glenn. A neighbor commented that there is no other park in the city
with a backstop that is located so near a street.  It was pointed out that our park is really too small for baseball. 

Most neighbors at the meeting supported removing the
backstop but were concerned about the idea of planting more than a few trees
where the backstops are located now.   We wanted to keep the open space open for playing games. 

Neighbors would like to ask the City of Tucson for a
list of the types of trees that are allow to be planted in public parks to
consider the options. In addition, neighbors proposed to have a dog drinking
fountain placed on the west side of the park to avoid dogs going into the kids
playing area to get water.

Problematic Issues at Conner Park –

There is an outgoing problem with homeless people
staying in the park all day and sometimes overnight.  Also some neighbors complained about college age people gathering at the park past 10 pm closing time  making lots of noise and disturbing neighbors.

There is at least one couple that stays in the park all
day. There are other people acting belligerent at night. The bathrooms are
dirty and kids have found used syringes in them. Adults have also found used
condoms and other drug related things.

It is felt that the bathrooms attract the homeless
people and that with their locking doors, they provide a place to sleep and to
do drugs.  There are other parks that have more open designs of bathrooms that are not so private and inviting.  It was suggested that we could lock the bathrooms temporarily to see what impact this has on drug and homeless activity at the park.  There was a concern about the family use of the bathrooms, if they were locked during the day. But with the condition of the bathrooms some families are not using them anyway.  The Ward III will be contacted to see what kind of solutions they may offer for these current issues and to see if we can try locking the bathrooms and seeing if that makes a difference on the homeless problem.

One neighbor proposed to take pictures of the evidence
found at the bathrooms and send it to the City of Tucson. Neighbors call the
police, but they don’t come promptly or at all. It was felt that sending lots
of pictures might spur the city to action.

A neighbor has installed lights in her property that
helps deter homeless from camping near her property. Another neighbor suggested
redesigning the layout of the bathrooms to prevent people from locking
themselves to do illegal activities.

It was suggested that we invite Ward III and Tucson
Parks and Rec personnel to our January meeting to hear our neighborhood
concerns about Conner Park.

Parking around Prep and Pastry –

The cars from Prep and Pastry are still causing
problems parking in the neighborhood. 
There is a neighbor interested in starting a committee to explore the feasibility of one or more round-abouts in that part of the neighborhood.  The round abouts would cost money, but the owner of Prep and Pastry did say at our meeting that he would help with expenses to help alleviate the parking problem. 
We should also look into a 4 way stop at the corner of Mitchell and Norris, if we can’t get a round-about.  We think that the painting of the curbs to discourage parking too close to the corner is underway.

Caroling in the Park

There will be caroling in the park on Saturday Dec 21
in the late afternoon.  We decided to have the caroling before it gets too dark, as we don’t need lights for the event.  There will be hot chocolate, hot cider and cookies provided.  Cindy Sorrensen will organize the event and put out an email with details.

submitted by Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, secretary




Design Speculation for Conner Park – U of A Architecture

From Courtney Crosson – Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, University of Arizona

Kyle (and his partner Manny) have been assigned to look at Connor Park this semester.  The course is sponsored by Pima County Flood Control District – and it asks students to consider how upcoming Prop 407 projects can additionally mitigate local flooding issues.  The students are asked to engage with the surrounding community during the semester.

Manuel (I didn’t get his last name – sorry) came to the CGNE meeting on October 28, 2019 and talked about the project.

Here is a condensed version of the project.

Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – September 23, 2019, Ward III office

Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

September 23, 2019, Ward III office


Attendance:  Brian Silverstein, Cindy Sorrensen, Chris Janton, Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Vicki Mills, Robert Mitchell, Cathy Rex, Tom Rex, James Croxen, David Owen, Leilani Bew, Elana Rose Summers, Andy Laurenzi, John Lundberg, Barbara Fransway, Georgia O’Neill, Chris Scott, Connie Trecartin, Richard Margolis 

Guests:  Matt Kopec, Ward III office, Ofc. Joseph Gradias

Wilson Wash – Andy Laurenzi – Andy has set up a meeting on October 23 at 8:30 at Copper and the wash with Elizabeth Liebold of TDOT (Dept of Transportation) and others from the public right of way maintenance staff.  Anyone who is interested from the neighborhood can attend. They will look over the wash and discuss regular maintenance – a schedule we can depend on; the channel and sediment buildup and drainage problems and what can be done; and the possible use of chicanes (bump outs) to plant trees along the wash as a way to make the area more attractive – is there room for these on the street, are they feasible?  If we could do chicanes, then we would have to figure out how to get money to pay for them.  

This meeting will happen the week before our next neighborhood meeting, so Andy or others can report about it at that meeting.

Meeting with Banner about Development of southeast corner of Campbell/Grant – Andy was unable to attend the meeting.  Jim Sauer did attend and sent out a detailed message about the meeting to our email list on 9/20.  There is a white paper about this on the Coalition website.  The white paper is at

Minutes of the August meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report – Vicki Mills – We have $1646.27 in bank and 24 households that have paid dues so far in 2019.  We haven’t spent much money this year, but our big expense, the picnic, is coming in November.  This is also when most people pay their dues.

Picnic – Vicki Mills – We have a small committee who will plan the picnic.  The two possible days are Sunday Nov 3 and 17.  The majority of the people at the meeting chose Nov 17. The picnic will be in Conner Park from 11-1.  There will be more about the picnic on email.

Postcard mailed to all homes – The city will print and mail one newsletter or postcard per year for each neighborhood.  To save time, we will send a postcard this year announcing the picnic, meeting dates and how to subscribe to our email list.

Prep and Pastry – No word from the Nathan Ares about parking issues.  Chris J. said the alley behind P&P has been repaired.  You can stop in and tell them you are from neighborhood and get free coffee and discounts on food.  

Painting of Speed Bumps – Matt Kopec was asked to look into getting this done.  

Garden Club – Two members of club harvested prickly pears. It was suggested that maybe the club could map the citrus trees in the neighborhood for more efficient harvesting. Also maybe do a workshop on planting milkweed in the neighborhood. 

December activities – For the past two years we have done caroling in the park.  It was suggested that we do it this year before dark, so we don’t need to worry about lights.  We have also had a Holiday potluck in the past.  We need to see if we can get any volunteers to help with these activities.

Recycling — biweekly schedule will start September 30th. The city sent a calendar. The neighborhood is in the A schedule. If neighbors need an additional trash can, the city will provide it. In addition if you have a broken trash can, the city will replace at no charge.

Officer Gradias – Stopped by towards the end of the meeting to hear any concerns neighbors have or have heard of.  He heard about the previous meeting concern regarding homeless staying the whole day and night at the park.


Minutes submitted by Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, secretary





Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – August 26, 2019, Ward III office

NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

August 26,
2019, Ward III office


Attendance:  Brian Silverstein, Cindy Sorrensen, Chris Janton, Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Vicki Mills, Robert Mitchell, Cathy Rex, Tom Rex, James Croxen, Kris Teran, Humberto Teran, Leilani Bew, Yvonne Windham, Rene R. Simmers, Andrew Messer, Regina Lundhug, Beverly Rutter, Jessica Lansdon kukolich, Connie Trecartin, Tom Spencer, and Linda Spencer.

Guests:  Nathan Ares, owner Prep & Pastry Restaurant; Paul Durham, Ward III Councilperson

Prep & Pastry
Parking Issues —

Nate is very aware
of the parking problems in the neighborhood caused by Prep & Pastry and he
very much wants to be a good neighbor and to work with the neighborhood to find
solutions to the problems.  He is trying to work with the city and other neighborhood businesses to find ways to lessen the parking and traffic problems.  He has already met with some of the neighbors. 
He is trying to contact Jesse Soto, the City’s Transportation Project Manager, to see what kinds of traffic control can be used to help the problems – things that were mentioned were: painting curbs for no-parking areas,  speed humps, traffic circles and/or 4 way stops in the parts of the neighborhood close to Prep & Pastry, where cars are parking and traffic is cutting through the neighborhood (Mitchell, Norris and Conner Stravenue area).  There was already a problem with cars cutting through that part of the neighborhood to avoid the light at Glenn and Campbell and P&P traffic has only made that problem worse. Nate is also asking businesses around his restaurant for use of their parking on weekends for his employees and for customers.  He had counted on the use of parking spaces from Adobe Antiques, but they have refused. 
However, they are moving out and Grey House Antiques is hoping to move into that space and they will share their parking with P&P. 

Nate has paid
someone to watch the parking and have people move if they are parking too close
to corners or driveways.  Other ideas that were brought up were an incentive program for customers who bike, bus or walk and a sign in the lobby of restaurant about being considerate parkers.  Nate also felt that when Snooze, the new breakfast restaurant being built at Tucson and Grant, opened, it would siphon off some of his customers. 

Questions and Answers – Paul Durham —

* Neighbors asked if
there are funds available to paint existing speed humps. Paul asked them to
call his office to request this.

* Wilson Wash issues: Weeds are overgrown and Kris Teran had
called the Brush and Bulky and then the  Street Department several times about mowing the wash (Phone number 791-3154). The Street Department opened a request to clean the Wilson Wash (#12308). Neighbors can call again to remind them to clean up the Wash. Paul asked Brian to call his office with the request number for him to follow up. {Apparently something worked because the wash has been trimmed and mowed since this meeting. Thanks to Kris for her persistence on getting the wash mowed.}

Andy Laurenzi will be meeting with someone from the City of Tucson transportation department at the wash to explore
what are the options for ways to make it safer and more attractive. Andy
couldn’t come to the neighborhood meeting, but he will arrange the tour of the
wash and let neighbors know when it is. 
He will also report back on the email list.

*Conner Park:  Neighbors are concerned about homeless staying all day at Conner Park. There is the fear that families will stay away from the park, because of too many homeless being there. Paul shared the different strategies the city is using to support homeless in Tucson. Police follow the Homeless Protocol, which is checking on homeless in parks, seeing if they need services and/or housing and often moving them out of a park. However, the issue of the homeless is a complicated and city-wide one.  He will ask for additional attention for Conner Park.  There is a Park Safety Program with pairs of officers who go to public parks to provide more police presence to make people feel safer and to check the homeless. The City of Tucson has shifted its emphasis to Low Barrier Housing, which provides housing to homeless and then help them solve other issues, such as addiction problems, etc. All Pueblo Community Services provide services for homeless.

Neighbors were encouraged to use the park regularly to make
it less appealing to homeless to stay all day. 

* Neighbor asked Paul assistance with an issue at the Donna
R Liggins Recreation Center. The air conditioning was not working and there is
a need to change the location of a bench within the center so seniors could
easily use it, but the manager has refused to make the change.

Treasurer Report –
Vicki Mills

Balance as of last meeting, 7/22/19 $1,499.00 + Dues and
donations (checks and cash) $110.00 – Expenses (check to Vicki Mills for
refreshments for July meeting) $6.99 = Balance as of 8/25/19 $1,602.01

Minutes from July
2019 meeting were approved.

TEP sponsored FREE
workshop –

* We need at least 20 people willing to participate in a
free 90-minute workshop provided by TEP on Home Energy Efficiency. Participant
will receive a free Energy Efficiency Kit. We will look into trying to hold this
workshop, will send flyer with information to the neighborhood.


Minutes submitted by Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, secretary




Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – July 22, 2019, Ward III office

NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

July 22,
2019, Ward III office


Attendance:  Andy Laurenzi, Kris Teran, Humberto Teran, Georgia O’Neill, Kathy Damstra, Sally Rein’l-Bautista, John Lundberg, James Croxen, Andrew Messer, Leilani Bew, Chris Janton, Brian Silverstein

Guests:  Paul Durham, Ward III Councilperson and Matt Kopec, Ward III Staff member, Ofc. Joseph Gradias – Tucson Police Department: (520)484-3488

We began the meeting
with an interactive discussion with Paul Durham about a variety of topics

·       Many of us received a flyer in the mail today.
It is protesting a medical marijuana dispensary.  Durham said the flyer was paid for by a competing dispensary and he went over the arguments in the flyer and explained why they are misleading.

improvement zones – This is not a new idea.  It’s been around for a long time, but not often used.  However, it has been used by our neighborhood to pay for sidewalks on Water Street 20 or so years ago.  State law dictates these improvement projects must be capital improvements – crosswalk lights, curbs, sidewalks – not maintenance, like road repair.  The area (zone) can be defined locally and it takes 51% of tax parcels and 51% of total valuation of the defined area to approve a project. The question was asked if the city could redefine the improvements for these improvement projects to include street repair.  Durham didn’t think this was possible.  He is also not sure why this idea is being brought up now.  This issue will be on the Aug 6 City Council meeting agenda.  There is a study session before the meeting and the 5:30 meeting – both are open to the public. 

Durham announced that the city will be raising
the legal age to buy cigarettes and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21.

Durham has spoken with the manager of Prep and
Pastry and the manager would like to come to a neighborhood meeting to talk
about any issues with the restaurant. 
They want to be good neighbors. 
Durham said the manager talked about sending out gift coupons to neighbors (which has not happened yet). 
We discussed seeing if we could meet in the meeting room at Prep & Pastry sometime.

Questions were asked about money for residential
streets –  there is money (40% of Prop 101 money was for residential streets) but not enough to take care of all the streets in the city. During the recession money for public safety, streets, etc. was cut and, while Tucson is coming back from the recession, our economy is not as strong yet as most of the rest of the country (sixty percent of Tucson’s revenue come from sales tax). So, the city has a huge backlog of needs – street repair and other things — and not enough money to take care of everything. 

We also discussed the proposed bicycle path on
Copper Street, solar power for Ward offices and other city buildings, and the
Complete Streets proposal.  It was clear that we could have discussed city issues with the Councilman for much longer, but we ran out of time.

Review/Approval of
April Minutes:
The minutes were
approved with the addition of a sentence about Sally Rein’l Bautista reporting
that the bathroom in Conner Park needs repairing, patching and painting inside
and out.  The Parks Department will be notified. 

Treasurer Report – Vicki Mills – The neighborhood association has $1,499 in the bank.  There are 17 households that have paid dues so far in 2019.

Historical Status: Nothing has been done about this since the
last meeting.  Andy Laurenzi said it would take $15,000 to $20,000 to do a formal report/application for historical status.  There are probably parts of our neighborhood that could get historical status, but a project like this takes someone to lead it – someone who is passionate about it and who has the time to meet with neighbors and move the project along. 
Brian will contact Jodie Brown, the city’s Historical Preservation Officer, to see if she can attend a neighborhood meeting and also possibly walk our neighborhood with an eye towards historical status.


Scams in
– Officer
Gradias asked if anyone present had experienced or knew of others who experienced
people going door to door to try to scam or get money. This has been talked
about on NextDoor recently.  Report any activity of this nature to the police.

Picnic — We need to set up a committee to plan
the annual picnic in November.  Vicki will put out a request for volunteers to join the committee. 

Park Fest — There was a question about doing the
Park Fest again this year. We will put out a request for volunteers for a
committee to plan this event.  This will determine if there is interest in doing this event. 

Newsletter – The city will pay for once a year mailing
of a 4-page newsletter or postcard for each neighborhood.   We would like to do a newsletter but would need one or more volunteers to help put this together.  We would like to mail it by end of September/beginning of October, so that notice of the picnic could go to everyone. 

The next meeting
will be August 26 at 6pm in Ward III office.

Minutes submitted
by Vicki Mills.

Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – June 24th, 2019, Ward III office

Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

June 24th, 2019, Ward III office


Attendance: Cindy Sorrensen, Sally Rein’l-Bautista, Mark Rein’l-Bautista, Chris Janton, Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Vicki Mills, Robert Mitchell, Cathy Rex, James Croxen, Kris Teran, Andy Albises, Leilani Bew, and Georgia O’Neill (a new  neighbor)

Guest:  Joseph Gradias – Tucson Police Department: (520)484-3488

Review/Approval of April Minutes: Chris made a motion to approve the minutes from April. Robert seconded and everyone agreed to approve it.

Treasurer Report – Vicki Mills

The neighborhood has $1,456.82

There hasn’t been much activity in receiving neighborhood dues, only one neighbor paid dues since last meeting.  So far this year only 14 homeowners have paid their dues. By the end of 2018, 39 homeowners paid their dues. Members of the neighborhood can pay dues during November picnic or any other time. Dues are a yearly donation to pay for neighborhood events. 
(Three members paid at the meeting.)

Central Segment: Officer Gradias report

Tucson Police department has a new trial program, 10 officers working in pairs for six months in the parks.  After they finish their trial period, they have the option to continue working in the department. At this time these officers are patrolling Tucson parks to keep them safe. They assess complaints and issues that neighborhoods bring to the police department attention. They have been patrolling Conner Park. They do not carry guns or Tasers. They are trained to identify dangerous situation and request back up from the police department.

One car was stolen during the night. Officer Gradias reminds neighbors to keep doors and windows shut. Do not
leave car running while going back inside their home.

Keep eye on empty houses or houses for rent. In the South side there have been instances in which juveniles broke
into empty houses and threw parties. They arrested one juvenile with a stolen
car that was used for highjacking. Social media is a source of information that
lets people know when a house is unoccupied. So it is important to keep eyes
open for suspicious activities in empty properties.

On another note, there have been reports of Sheriff department imposters. They tell people that they are under
warrant and they ask for money or gift cards. Hackers can use technology to
call and their number looks like a legit government telephone number. There
have also been reports from people who receive telephone scams from Mexico. Use
a secret word with your family to identify yourselves to avoid a scam phone
call.  Remove personal information that you don’t want to share in Google.

There was a break in Norris. The use of surveillance systems has been useful to protect homes or to identify
burglars. Is important to know your neighbors and look after each other. In
case of break ins, try to preserve the crime scene intact so that police can
retrieve evidence such as fingerprints and DNA samples that can be used later
to apprehend criminals.

Non-emergency reporting can be done by calling or visiting any police substation listed below between
8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. 

Tucson Police Department Main Station 270 South Stone Avenue 520-791-4444 (all year)

Operations Division West 1310 West Miracle Mile Road, Tucson, Arizona 85705

Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.  7 days a week (excluding holidays) 520-791-4467

Operations Division Midtown 1100 South Alvernon Way, Tucson, Arizona 85711

Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.  7 days a week (excluding holidays) 520-791-4253

Central Segment Safety is June 25th. This is a meeting that happens monthly. Police officer will discuss and answer questions about how to protect your home and what to do if you have been victimized. Stolen items can be search at It is important to register the serial number of possessions and have photographs of other items in order to locate them.

Historical Status: No updates. Brian will contact Jody Brown from the Historical Preservation Office.

Culinary Dropout parking lot expansion: Cathy Rex attended the April meeting and reported that they are expanding their parking area to the east of their current lot. On May 15th they rezoned the area for parking only, it won’t be use for commercial use.

Fence on Olsen and Glenn:  There was a complaint about the fence, but it has been approved. However Cathy Rex did more research about the fence and has reopened the case because it is a violation due to the impairing the view incoming traffic on Glenn. The case may be reopened. The inspector and reviewer were lax when approving the fence.

The Linear Park Steering Committee is comprised of neighborhood representatives and city council. During their meetings they discuss projects and what will happen during the Grant Road construction. Monthly meetings: GRANT ROAD COALITION – ​Central Segments Meeting Schedule 4th Tuesdays of the month 5:30 pm  * WARD 3 Office * ​1510 E Grant Road

New Business:

Self-taxing districts is a proposed policy being considered by the city council. This policy would allow neighborhoods to self-tax and use the money to improve streets. Paul Durham will attend the next neighborhood meeting (July 22nd) to talk about this policy. Vicki will send an email with an article that talks about this proposal for neighbors to read about and bring questions to the July meeting.

Brush and Bulky:  Week of July 15th. Neighbors can request support to clean alley by alerting the city in advance of the clean up. The city has been working in cleaning some alleys due to installation of fiber optic in Wilson and Plumer.

Neighborhood Picnic: will happen in November. There needs to be a committee. We also need a grill and way to transport it to the park. More discussion will take place in the August neighborhood meeting.


            The neighborhood used to have a Garden Club and the idea of participating in a community garden to share a plot was brought up. Need to find out if people are interested and more about the locations of community gardens. Cathy Rex will organize a prickly pear fruit-harvesting event soon; expect an email with more details.


           Sally Rein’l Bautista brought up the issue of the bathroom at Conner Park needing repairs inside and patching of walls and painting inside and outside. Parks and Rec will be informed but they have a backlog of work. In addition the grass at the park does not look good. Neighbor in attendance shared that the grass is been watered regularly.

            This will be the procedure to announce our monthly meeting: Brian will develop an agenda and send it out a week before the meeting, asking for additional agenda items. Cindy will send an email reminder. Brian (or someone designated by Brian) will get the key to access the Ward III meeting room.

            Chris Janton announced that Ken Tower has repaired our little libraries. There was an email to request children books. The little library at Conner Park needs books for children. Sue (don’t know last name) and Robert Mitchell take care of little libraries. Bookmans and Friends of the Library can provide free books for our libraries.

            Kris Teran is managing the new homeowners packets.  The newsletter has not been updated and therefore it will be removed from the packets. Kris  has distributed some packets to new neighbors or to neighborhood representative who have requested them.

Next Neighborhood meeting – 6:00 P.M. July 22th, 2019 – Ward 3 Office


CGNE Neighborhood Association Meeting April 22, 2019

NE Neighborhood Association Meeting

April 22,
2019, Ward III office


Attendance: James Croxen, Chris Janton, Cindy Sorrensen, Sally Rein’l-Bautista, Mark Rein’l-Bautista, Robert Mitchell, Vicki Mills, Jim Sauer, Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Brian Silverstein.


Our meetings are the 4th Monday of the month, usually this is the last Monday of the month as well, but not always.  Our meetings are on the calendar on our website, as our the meeting minutes, at:

Brian received a letter in the mail from Culinary Dropout
explaining that they are expanding their parking area to the east of their
current lot. The letter announced a meeting on this topic for those interested
at the Dropout on Monday, April 29 at 5:30.

The Ward III Shred-it Event was the past Saturday.

Old Business:

Update on
formation of committees – Cindy Sorrensen

Cindy sent out emails about the possible
formation of two new committees – one to explore changing the name of the
neighborhood and one to explore historic designation for the neighborhood.  She received two responses about the name change – Brian and Sally, who were both at the meeting.  They can decide if they want to pursue this idea. There is a financial and time burden for changing our name that will involve changing boundaries signs, printed materials, bank account names, etc. 

Cindy received no responses about the historic

Status Designation – Update

There are different categories in which the
neighborhood could qualify; our neighborhood needs to identify which category
is viable for us.

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is
an entity that provides grants to help to apply for historic status. There may
not be grants available.

More than 50% if the properties in the defined
neighborhood area should qualify for historic status. The area does not have to
be the whole neighborhood.

If the neighborhood wants to pursue a
preliminary assessment, we should contact Jody Brown from the Historic Preservation
Office to visit our neighborhood. Another option is to look for advice from
Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation.

It is a lot of work to pursue historic status
and probably not possible without professional help.   It will involve money and time from neighbors.  There seems to be little interest in this in the neighborhood.

Report – Vicki Mills

The balance in the bank is $1,541.82.

A reminder about voluntary dues will be send
several times during the year. Members of the neighborhood can pay dues during
picnic or any other time. Dues are a yearly donation to pay for neighborhood

New Business:

Donation to Lend A Hand — Vicki Mills made a motion for our
neighborhood association to make a donation of $100.00 to Lend a Hand. All
members approved the donation.

Changing Meeting Frequency — There was a discussion about how often we should meet – monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.  We decided to continue to meet monthly, with reminders about the meeting sent the week before.  However, the May meeting would be on Memorial Day, so our next scheduled meeting will be in June 24th at 6pm at Ward III office.


Grant Road Expansion: They meet the 4th Tuesday of the month at the Ward III office.

Transportation Improvement – Public meeting in May

by Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, Secretary


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