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Meeting Minutes for August 2018

CGNE Meeting
8/27/18 at 6 PM. Ward 3 Office


In attendance:  Bill, Jana, Chris, Colleen, Steve, Vicki, Robert, Sunshine, Matt, Cindy, Beverly

Special Guests:  Joe Gradias, Tucson Police Department, Carlos de Latorre, City of Tucson

Review of Minutes

Treasurer’s Report

Revenue – $100 dues and donations
Expenses – 0
Balance as of 8/27/18       $1,205.76

Environmental Services – Carlos de Latorre
Enhanced Brush and Bulky Program – want to stop the door hangers, replaced by a letter that tells the brush and bulky dates for the year, you can still call or check map online.  They are trying to promote an app for your phones.  More info at
They are trying to get together with Tucson Dept. of Transportation, code enforcement and graffiti .

Sweetwater facility open on Friday from 8-2:30 for hazardous waste.  Other locations can be found on the website

791-3171 to pick up illegal dumping within 24 hours

Six ways to be a good neighbor handout
Trim Weeds and grass below 6”, keep your half of the alley and easement clean
Limit or screen outside storage – limit storage to 25% of your total lot
Store and screen junk vehicles, must be stored in a garage/carport, be behind a legal barrier or covered by a vehicle cover designed to cover the car
Trim encroaching plants
Stop illegal dumping
Clean up with brush and bulky

Free Library needs kids books – we are ordering a dog poop-bag holder for the little library on Plumer so hopefully people will clean up after their dogs

Door Hangers – going out the end of September,  Bill will print them up and get them to the streetwalkers

October – Declutter month, CGNE will provide prizes for the declutter bingo game that will be sent out in late September along with all the rules for the month.

November 3rd – Sabuku T-shirt sale and craft fair –  if you are an artisan that is interested in being in this event let me know.  Colleen 577-4543.  This venue gets a large turnout, and has been getting bigger each year.  It will be held at the International School.

Picnic in the Park / Friendsgiving  Nov. 11th, Sunday in the Park from 11-1  /. CGNE will provide the Turkey, gravy and stuffing.  The rest will be potluck.

Caroling in the park, December 15th – Bill will talk to Greg to see if he can play the guitar for the event

Christmas Bazaar – December 1st at Ward 3.  We are looking for venders from the neighborhood and nearby.  We have a couple of other neighborhoods that will be doing this event with us.

Wilson wash – get someone to be in charge of calling and a pick up committee.  Bill talked to Matt Kopec about making sure that the wash is on the list to be mowed.

Dog/cat Accessory Swap or Flea Market – September 29th, Saturday, 8:30 am
Bring your old pet toys, collars, leashes, crates, dog bowls sale, trade or give away.
There will be a dog trainer and dog sitter there.  Custom dog biscuits for sale.
Free coffee and donuts

TPD Ofcr. Joe Gradias has a monthly opportunity to learn about Dog Walkers Watch.

Sunshine Turner came from Devereux to talk about the facility on Norris and Spring, she is writing an article for the newsletter


We need several volunteers to do small jobs:

Techno person for layout of door hangers, city newsletter

Social Media person – to post events

Poster makers – to advertise events

Wilson wash – to call Tucson Dept of Transportation when the wash needs to be mowed

City stuff – Grant road coalition

Help write newsletter – write articles for the paper, or help in general

Little libraries – need revamping, sanding and painting

Roll Off – Environmental Services – call twice a year to arrange the roll offs

Minutes – Annual Meeting – CGNE – 2017

Minutes of CGNE Meeting

The meeting opened with the treasurer’s report, which reflects a bank balance of $1082.53. There was some discussion about how keeping track of donation amounts, sources and dates might help officers to determine the most efficacious fund raisers etc. Colleen reported that Elizabeth is going to work on a data base to track these factors.

A report on the Little Free Libraries revealed that there is a shortage of children’s books so all are expected to look for resources.

Gardening Club report was that a meeting is scheduled November 20th and there is some thought about a Garden Tour perhaps in February.

The Neighborhood Cleanup went well with one right of way cleared entirely and another partially. There was discussion of doing another cleanup, but having a lottery for where to clear based on property owner participation, or donation.
Brush and bulky is scheduled 1/8/18 and 7/2/18.

Wilson Wash is being regularly picked up and Steve reported that he is going to find time to pursue the Dept of Transportation about a footbridge.

A review of the winter picnic was a unanimous success with more people attending and some donations received, even one of $100!

Holiday activities scheduled for CGNE include; Walking caroling (near Bill and Jana’s) on Dec 2 at about 5:30pm, Caroling in the Conner Park on Dec 9 6:00pm-8pm), Holiday Bazar on Dec 10 (10am-12pm) on 2004 Spring St., Pot Luck on Dec 16 at Bill and Jana’s.


President – Bill Halvorson
Vice President – Steve Collen
Recording Secretary – Elizabeth Nielsen
Corresponding Secretary – Chris Janton
Treasurer – Jana Guyman

Notes from May 17, 2017 Meeting

Hey Everyone,
Bill and Jana are on vacation and asked me to send the notes from the last meeting. So they are below.

Lots happening since then. Robert and Sue are doing their thing with the libraries, Sue got a bunch of books from Tucson Friends of the Library. YAY! Elizabeth is going crazy with the welcome packet. It looks great, and we have several homes that will be with new owners soon to give them too. Bill set up another neighborhood meeting for July 20th, 6 PM at Ward III. I hope most of you can attend. Our first garden meeting is June 20th at Cyndi’s, and Bill has some cleanup dates for alleys so we can take advantage of the next brush and bulky. The next Newsletter will be out in about a week or so. And lastly, Lend a Hand is having a furniture sale this weekend. Check your email from Vicki if you are available to help.

First of all I want to thank all of you for being at the meeting tonight. We accomplished so much more then I imagined. Here is a brief overview.

Monthly Activities

January – Newsletter and door hanger

February – Garden Show ???

March – Lend a Hand Garage Sale /Newsletter late in month

April – Neighborhood Picnic / Plant Swap

May – Roll-off / Progressive Dinner

June – Newsletter late in month

July – next meeting, around July 19th

August – go on vacation, get out of the heat

September – Newsletter and door hanger

October – Yearly Newsletter goes out

November – Neighborhood picnic and roll-off

December – Jana and Bill will host the neighborhood Christmas Potluck

Welcome Packet Committee – Elizabeth and Debbie. Elizabeth took the packet to look through it, Colleen will send copies of any of the forms in the packet that she has, some can be found at Ward three. Vickie will get Elizabeth updated Lend a Hand handout.

Libraries – Robert will take care of the Plumer library and Sue will take care of the park library. Colleen will send the template for the cards to put inside the books. I have some extra business card blanks, but after they are gone the association will buy more.

Gardening Club – Cindi will head up the gardening club. She will let us know when the first meeting will be. She is thinking end of June.

Clean up committee – Bill, Steve, Cindi, Kris, Umberto, Sue, Doug

Elizabeth is looking in to grants that we can apply for to possibly beautify our park and maybe help solve some water issues. It was also suggested we build a bridge over the Wilson wash.

We voted to raise our dues and possibly allow people to use PayPal . We also voted to give $100 to Lend a Hand.

Chris is willing to put any business card on our website of people who have businesses.

Agenda for next meeting – door hanger design/information, deciding what to put on the city newsletter that goes to everyone (4 pages)

Let Bill or I know if you have other topics.

Campbell/Grant – Town Crier – Flash

Lots Going On

March 17th- 18th  Lend a Hand Garage Sale
7 AM – 1 PM , 1545 E Water Street

April 9th – Neighborhood Picnic  11-3 in the park  (Food, jumping castle, face painting, games and plant swap)

April 9th – Plant Swap  11-3 in the park

May 13th – Neighborhood Progressive Dinner

Watch for the next Town Crier, coming out soon.

Check out our new free little library on Plumer.

If you have any questions please call Colleen at 520-577-4543 or email at