Treasurer’s Report – February 2020

CGNE Neighborhood Association 

Treasurer’s Report, February 24, 2020


Balance as of 1/27/2020                                                       $1,757.13


          Kris Teran  (supplies for new neighbors packets) 

                    Ck  1145                                                                      10.17

          Cindy Sorrensen (Valentine breakfast supplies)

                    Ck 1146                                                                       59.03 


       Dues and donations –                                                           115.00                                


Balance as of 2/24/2020                                                        $1,802.93                                               

We have 4 households that have paid 2020 dues, 2 that paid in 2019 for 2020 and 2 that paid by check this so far this year and a $100 dues/donation from the owners of the mobile home on Water Street.


Submitted by the CGNE treasurer, Vicki Mills


Minutes: Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association Meeting – January 27, 2020

CGNE 1-27-20 Meeting Minutes w- attachments FINAL.pdf

Campbell-Grant NE Neighborhood Association

Meeting Minutes

January 27, 2020 6:00-7:00 pm Ward III Office

Attendance: Brian Silverstein, Cindy Sorrensen, Chris Janton, Vicki Mills, Robert Mitchell, Cathy Rex, Kris and Humberto Teran, Nick and Karen de Gennaro, Jim Croxen, Georgia O’Neill, S. Meade, C. Rahnson, Leilana Bew

Guests: TPD Officer Gradias

Minutes of the November 25, 2019 meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s report – Vicki Mills

We have $1757.13 in the bank as of 1/27/20. Forty-one households have paid dues in 2019. We ended 2019 with $360.08 more than we began. See attached report.

Old Business

Recap of Caroling in the Park – Cindy Sorrensen

The caroling was very successful. We estimate 30-50 people came. Many young families came with children who especially liked the S’ mores. There was not a musician this year, but Cindy was able to provide music through her phone and a portable speaker. The earlier time worked well. All were much appreciative for Cindy organizing the event.

Tucson Water monthly service charge – Kris Teran

Kris provided the results of her extensive research on Tucson Water’s monthly Service Charge which varies based on the size of the water meter to the home. The service charge for a 1” meter is nearly double that of a 5/8” meter. Tucson Water has been unable to provide justification for the higher fees. The result of a larger meter is simply that there is more capacity for water use – there is no relationship to actual water use.

She provided a map (see attached) and listings that shows the 365 meters in CGNE of which 40 are 1”, one is 1 1⁄2” and all the others are 5/8”. The 1” meters were primarily installed in 1975. There is no indication why different meter sizes have been installed over the years.


So far, Tucson Water has not been willing to reduce her service charge (she has a 1” meter) to the same as a 5/8” meter without actually changing the meter to the smaller size. The cost to her would be $400 to do that. So far, she has not found the Ward office to be helpful in resolving this. She will ask Tucson Water if the $400 could be paid monthly, over the equivalent time it would take to recoup the cost difference.


Basically, it appears that Tucson Water is not charging the true cost of servicing various meter sizes, because they also said there is no more service needed on a larger meter than a smaller one. It is speculated that even if she is successful in getting this corrected, homeowners may still not benefit because it could cause the smaller meter homes to have an increase service charge rather than the larger meters getting a smaller fee.

She will report her progress at a future meeting.

New Business

Plan for Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast – Cindy Sorrensen

Cindy is requesting volunteers to help with the cooking at the upcoming event. Everyone is encouraged to attend and bring a side dish. It will be held at Amy Utzinger’s house, the same as last year, at the northwest intersection of Norris, Rennoc and Towner. Those of us who attended last year are looking forward to a nice time again.

Save the date! Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast Sunday, February 16, approximately 10:00- 12:00. More information to come.

Update on Little Library in the Park – Vicki Mills

Vicki reported that Matthew Brown has volunteered to repair the Little Library in Conner Park that had been vandalized. He will need some funds to purchase paint to match what is there, and plexiglass to replace the glass in the windows, but he has the other materials to do the work. It was agreed that CGNE can help pay for the materials needed to repair the library.

Officer Gradias was asked if other Little Libraries have been vandalized and he had not heard of any. The more typical issue appears to be the books are taken and not returned/replaced or someone takes all of the books at once. We are not as concerned in CGNE of the books not being returned, but Vicki does have a stamp/sticker to put in the donated books to indicate they are Little Free Library books.

Update on Conner Park Security – Brian Silverstein

Brian summarized the Conner Park security concerns expressed at the November CGNE meeting. Officer Gradias reported that another officer is hopeful to get approved to carry out a project to see if having restrooms at a park increases undesirable activity such as drug use. TPD now has special “Park Officers” to monitor the parks and most park restrooms are locked from 10 pm to 6 am. He hasn’t heard of any that have been locked 24/7 for any length of time.


He said it is always a good idea to call 911 or call him at 520-484-3488 if we see undesirable activity such as drug use, camping etc. Sometimes it takes awhile for the issues to be taken care of, but if they are not reported, they cannot be resolved. Code Enforcement also has an on-line form to deal with campers in alleys, vacant land etc.

Meeting Schedule for 2020 & Secretary Position – Vicki Mills

Usually we meet the 4th Monday — but in May 4th Monday, May 25 is Memorial Day and we don’t have the Ward III office for June — so that would mean 2 months in a row without a meeting. Tentatively, this is not an issue for anyone.

Vicki heard from our CGNE secretary Ana Maria Lopez Medrano that she may have to resign her secretary position due to extensive scheduling conflicts that she cannot attend meetings to take the minutes. Since the secretary position is required by the City, President Brian Silverstein asked if someone else can help by filling the position. Please contact him if so.

Next Roll-Off – Brian Silverstein

It looks like March would be a good time to request a roll-off for neighborhood clean-up since it is about mid-way between the regular Brush and Bulky pick-ups.

Service Line Insurance & TEP Lines upgrades – Cathy Rex

Homeowners considering the City’s Service Line Insurance programs are encouraged to check first with their own Homeowner’s insurance. Cathy Rex reported that she was able to get better coverage for all the services lines (water, electric, gas, sewer etc.) at a much lower rate than the city program. Chris Janton does have the city insurance and reported that the problem he had was promptly repaired under the program.

TEP changed out some alley overhead power lines as a training exercise for their apprentices. If you have problems due to the project, you can contact the TEP Project Manager Matt Karber at 884-3621.

Javelinas – Nick and Karen de Gennaro are owners of the Water St. /Tucson Blvd mobile home park. The mobile home park has been in Nick’s family for a very long time, but this is the first CGNE meeting they have attended. Lately they have been having problems with javelinas and they asked if anyone else is too. The javelinas can only enter their site from Water Street, and they are actually damaging the skirting around some of the mobile homes as well as other damage and safety concerns. Others at the meeting have seen javelinas around and reported some damage to plants, but not to structures. Nick said they have gotten the educational materials from Game and Fish for all of their residents. Since javelinas are a protected species, there isn’t much you can do except making sure not to feed them or have landscaping that attracts them. Sometimes a spray of diluted ammonia works.

Minutes as reported by Cathy Rex substituting for Ana Maria Lopez Medrano, secretary.