Meeting Minutes – 09/21/2017

Minutes of CGNE Meeting



The President (Bill) agreed that he would work on finding a location for the November meeting and get the word out.  The October 19th meeting is set at Ward 3, and there will not be a December meeting.

At the next meeting any nominations for officers will be accepted and there was discussion about making term limits of one year for all positions


The Treasurer’s report was submitted and our balance on hand is $741.39 with $95.00 received from our supporters since the last meeting.  There was discussion about acknowledging all “supporters” after the Holidays and the new officers are in place.  It was pointed out that membership is established with residency so that any labor or money given by CGNE members are seen as contributions in support of the neighborhood association.


The welcome packets are being distributed to our new neighbors and Bill reported that two donations were received as a direct result of the welcome packets.  Elizabeth has thus far donated the welcome packet materials and labor and discussion was had about paying our way going forward.  It was not concluded but all present agreed that the product was worth the benefit derived in new members and donations.


The Door Hangers are ready!  Bill and Jana completed, printed and brought to the meeting 600 of the door hangers for distribution.  Colleen agreed to get them to the street “walker” representatives for distribution between this weekend and next.


A report on the Little Libraries found that they were being consistently used and then replenished by Robert (Plummer location) and Sue (Conner Park location).  There is some concern that books may be disappearing (particularly kids) en mass, but generally those present agreed that whatever reason the books are taken they end up serving the intended purpose.  The libraries appeared to weather the monsoons well though the Park location may need some touchup paint.


The Garden Club, Cindi, reported that the Garden Club had a good second meeting in September and has scheduled its third at Mo’s house in October to discuss water harvesting.


Fall Cleanup-A roll-off will be placed at the corner of Norris and Spring on the weekend of 11/12 for the collection of bulky items.  There is no home pickup so you must bring your items over.  Bill also proposed that we have discussion at our next meeting about what alleys need cleanup and who is willing to donate time.


Bill distributed materials on, Adopt-A-Park and suggested that we adopt Wilson Wash, which means a sign will be posted saying that CGNE has adopted it and a picture of those involved will be taken.  TC agreed to headup an ad hoc committee for scheduling regular wash cleanup.  Chris mentioned that you can get an app called “cclickfix” and you can take a picture of graffiti, garbage left on road, shopping cart, and it will be taken care of.


Bill brought up that the small child swing was taken down at Conner Park as it violated code (an adult swing and small child on the same cross-bar) and that CGNE might consider installation of a new small child swing as a special project.  Steve agreed to reach out to Manny of Park and Rec regarding that process for CGNE to vote.


The neighborhood picnic is November 5th.  We are planning on having more yard type games.


Colleen reported that the Holiday Bazaar was still scheduled but they are having difficulty getting participants.  All present agreed to speak with neighbors they know with crafting talents.  In addition outside parties may be invited to participate.


Holiday Caroling is still in the works.  Bill said he would contact his neighbors who normally carol through the neighborhood.


There is a Rock Painting Party scheduled for 10/7 at Vicki’s.  The idea is to paint smooth 6-8 inch stones with positive messages like, “You Rock,” or “Good Neighbor” and leave them at various homes (much like Ben’s Bells) to acknowledge positive people or actions.


Elizabeth asked it to be brought to the meeting that we look at all the entrance signs coming in to our neighborhood.  The city will replace them for $50 each, but we have to do the artwork.  Everyone thought it was a good idea, but maybe only a few at a time.


Colleen suggested that it might be interesting for our neighborhood to put out a, “Minamalist Challenge,” for people to de-clutter over a one-month period.  All present thought it would be a good idea.  Colleen will send out the challenge within the week.


Finally, we talked about having a neighborhood barter system where we volunteer time at whatever we are good at in trade for people doing things for you that they are good at.  This idea is still in the thought process.

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