Meeting Minutes – 2018-03-26

CGNE Meeting 3/26/18 at 6:00PM Ward 3 Office MINUTES
In attendance: Bill, Chris, Brian, Steve, Colleen, Kris, Humberto, Vicki, Robert, Elizabeth

Special guest: Matt Kopec from Paul Durham’s  office
1. Matt Kopec, Council Aide to Paul Durham What the Ward 3 office offers neighbors:
– Office wants to be a resource for neighborhoods.
– Sponsored a neighborhood leaders forum last month (a few CGNE neighbors attended).
– Coming up on 4/5: Forum with Chief of Police to talk about how we can tackle property crime on a neighborhood level.
– Other topical forums and town hall meeting to occur later in the year (ex. Transportation 101).
– Five people in the office help with constituent services.
– Will be at Park Fest!
– Brent Dennis has been hired as the new Director of Tucson Parks and Recreation. He will start on April 2.
– Matt’s contact info:, 520-791-4711
Comments from CGNE members:
– It has been a challenge getting help from Paul’s office in our coordination of Park Fest.
– We’re not clear what resources the office can offer to us. The things we’ve asked for help with we have not received assistance, especially around City regulations.
– It is frustrating that the Parks & Rec dept has things we need (like risers) but wants to charge us high amounts to use them.
– Things like purchasing our own insurance for the day is expensive and seems unnecessary since the City already has insurance for the park.
– Matt said he would look into these specific concerns and connect with Steve.
– Steve has been working with Sean Nicholson, Parks and Recreation Superintendent, to coordinate some aspects of City support for Park Fest.
– Also frustrating that the City has not been responsive to requests we have repeatedly made to have signs replaced in Conner Park.
2. February Minutes Reviewed minutes from February meeting.
3. Treasurer’s Report
– Activity over the past month:
Balance as of 2/26/18: $1,217.75
REVENUE: $368.82 (dues and donations)
EXPENSES: $470.64 (bulletin board and parkfest)
Balance as of 3/26/18: $1,115.93
– Outstanding bills for Park Fest expenses and door hangers
– Park Fest donations:
7 sponsors gave either cash or items to raffle off
$275 collected so far, wristband sales are underway
4. Parkfest Marketing and promotion is underway:
– Banner will be hung on Glenn to promote – Sandwich board signs are out
– Webpage is up
– Flyers is made, in bulletin board
– Door hangers out this week
– Facebook event is live
– Risers are paid for and will be delivered to Steve’s house on Friday 4/13
– Need volunteers to help set up on Sunday morning and break down afterwards
– Picking up generator on Saturday evening at Home Depot
– 2 TPD officers will be on site during the event
– Not closing off streets but will put a sign on Mitchell asking people not to drive through
– Parking may be a challenge, neighbors are encouraged to walk
– Arizona Hatters and Alvernon Optical are closed on Sunday, we’ll ask for parking there
– Tables at entry for selling wristbands and collecting money
– Pre-event sales will help with food planning
– Idea from Kris: People wouldn’t commit to coming to event ahead of time, maybe we can go door to door a few days before
– To be added to the webpage: parking info, people should bring blankets and chairs, cash, no dogs
– Band set up in the backstop – Main entrance is at the apron of the park
– Hot dogs cooked on the sidewalk
– Need volunteers to help at tables, selling raffle tickets, making/serving food
– Need minimum of 30 volunteers, let Colleen know if you can volunteer for at least an hour
– Brian and Colleen have card readers we can use if its compatible with PayPal, Brian and Elizabeth will look into it
– Need a plan for more garbage cans or cardboard receptacles with plastic liners (Bill has those)
5. Spring Clean-Up
– Roll-offs will be available April 20, 21, 22
– Location: Spring and Norris
6. Gardening Club
– Great salsa canning meeting in March
– Next meeting on April 16, topic is microgreens
– May take off the summer months
7. Little Free Libraries
– Libraries have books now (thanks to Chris for bringing over some books!)
– Sue has back-up boxes, fills up the library every week
– Colleen is on Bookman’s list and can get free recycled books anytime it’s needed
8. Conner Park
– Still want to put a post in at the park for dog clean-up bags
– Steve going to talk with Sean Nicholson
9. Wilson Wash
– Tucson Clean & Beautiful wants to have a meeting and feature neighbors who have taken responsibility for cleaning up the wash, Bill will coordinate
– Some neighbors are still cleaning up, not known who
– Once weeds grow up it will be challenging for our neighbors to clean
– May be a request for Paul Durham to get weeds cleared by City
10. Upcoming Meetings and Events
3/24 – 3/30: Door hangers distributed by CGNE street captains
3/27: Grant Road Coalition mtg, 6PM, Ward 3 office
4/5: Community Policing Forum, 6PM, TPD West, 1310 W. Miracle Mile
4/15: Park Fest, 1PM-4PM, Conner Park
4/16: Garden Club mtg, 5:30PM, TBD
4/20 – 4/22: Spring Clean-up (dumpster at Spring and Norris)
4/23: CGNE Mtg, 6PM, Ward 3 office
May CGNE mtg: Will reschedule so it’s not on Memorial Day
June/July: No CGNE meetings
11. At Next Meeting
– Ward 3 Council Member Paul Durham will attend
– Update on Grant Road expansion from Brian
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