Meeting Minutes – 2018-04-23

CGNE Meeting
4/23/18 at 6:00pm
Ward 3 Office


In attendance:
Bill, Jana, Chris, Brian, Steve, Colleen, Kris, Humberto, Susan, Elizabeth

Special guests:
Paul Durham, Ward 3 Councilmember
Joe Buck and Joe Gradias, Tucson Police Department
Alan Huerta, Jefferson Park resident & Ward 3 representative on the City of Tucson Board of Adjustment

1. Joe Buck and Joe Gradias, TPD

· Officer Buck is lead police officer in midtown and our main contact for CGNE
· Works weekend early morning shift (F-M)
· Two chevrons on uniform means the officer coordinates with the neighbors
· Area covered is Campbell to Craycroft, River to 29th – 6 or 7 cars typically on duty
· Supervisors are evaluating calls for service to modify shift schedule, will change in July
· Calls are prioritized Level 1-8, lower risk events receive lower priority
· New online reporting system, easy to report property crimes/vandalism – case number is issued so residents can follow-up (
· One block in CGNE has active Neighborhood Watch (Calle Alta Vista, near Conner Park)
· TPD has hired new staff member who will do community outreach and support Neighborhood Watch
· Officer Buck is interested in talking with person who had a cactus stolen, Susan will send an email to the neighbor to connect them

2. Paul Durham, Ward 3 Councilmember

· Neighbors can be the eyes and ears of the Ward 3 office, please report things!
· Working on strengthening communication between TPD, Code Enforcement, Environmental Services, and Ward 3 office
· If we coordinate a roll-off with Environmental Services and they send out a postcard to inform neighbors, we can include an upcoming neighborhood meeting date on the postcard
· Restoring neighborhood associations to activity is a priority in Ward 3
· Ward 3 office aims to be very responsive to reports of code violations
· Great group of aides working in the office
· Reminder that the best way to stop property crime is prevention
· Neighborhood Watch is a great deterrent (nosy neighbors prevent property crime)
· TPD offers resource wherein an expert will come into a home in the neighborhood for a home improvement inspection and point out the strengths and opportunities for improving safety (ex better locks, window replacement, etc)
· Neighbors are asked to review council meeting agendas and contact Ward 3 office with thoughts prior to votes
· Suggestion from Steve: Would like to start discuss with Bike and Ped program staffer about bridge over Wilson Wash, Paul thinks the bridge is a good idea and will take up the idea with Andy
· Question from Humberto: Why is the wash open? Lots of challenges keeping it clean and clear. Paul thinks cost may be the reason it wasn’t covered. Chris mentioned water flow as an issue, no move to close wash for this reason. The problem is on Paul’s radar, hasn’t dug into it yet.
· Question from Brian: What is the status of the Campbell/Grant corner? Paul thinks it will be a minimum of 5 years before anything is done with that area of Grant, not successful in postponing demolition, expect the lot to be empty for 5 years. Sue’s suggestion: Use the lot for food trucks!
· Ward 3 priority is to work more closely with TPD, they are an asset and can help with problem behaviors and people. Can target certain problem areas with persistent issues.
· Lots of options for helping neighbors without means do repairs in homes, contact Ward 3 office for info.
· Group discussed a question about cars parked on lawn and whether that is a code violation, seems that it is not a violation if on private property

3. Treasurer’s Report

· Activity over the past month:
REVENUE: $1,045.97 (dues, donations, parkfest)
EXPENSES: $1,168,80 (parkfest insurance, stage, generator, food, supplies)
Balance as of 4/23/18: $989.76

4. Parkfest debrief

· Thanks to everyone who helped with the event!
· It was a great start, the neighbors who attended really enjoyed it
· $80 in profit will be donated to the Humane Society, along with collected blankets, food, and toys
· Colleen has lots of extra drinks and food, suggested maybe a water park day for children in the neighborhood
· Steve writing a letter to the editor about City’s handling of Parkfest

5. Updating Neighborhood Plan

· The City wants to receive updated long-term plans from neighborhoods regarding development in their area so City priorities can be in tune with the various neighborhood’s thinking
· Bill, Brian, and others are working on updating our neighborhood’s plan and priorities for development, they will submit changes to CGNE for everyone’s input
· The Campbell Ave project was one such (past) long-term project in our area

6. Gardening Club

· Next meeting on May 21, topic is composting
· Location: Cindy’s home, 2241 E Silver St
· This will be the last meeting before taking a summer break

7. Dumpster Roll-offs

· Dumpsters to be picked up on April 24
· A question was asked about whether the City would participate (labor or otherwise) in helping keep alleys that CGNE cleans up, clean going forward. Paul believes that the City would be willing to spray weeds, but not cut out brush and trees.

8. Next Meeting

· Monday, May 21 at 6pm
· Location: Bill and Jana’s home, 2010 E Connor Stravenue

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