Meeting Minutes – 2019-01-26

Campbell Grant Annual Neighborhood Meeting – January 26th, 2019

In Attendance – Brian Silverstein, Sally Rein’l-Bautista, Robert Mitchell, Vicki Mills, Ana Lopez Medrano, Tom Rex, Cathy Rex, Kris Teran, Chris Janton, Cynthia Sorrensen, Jim Croxen, Rob Kalakofsky, Joanie Sawger

Guest: TPD Oficcer Joseph Gradias, Evren Sonmez, Joan Daniels

Approved minutes from November 2018 meeting

Review agenda and added Valentine Pancake Breakfast event and Officer Gradias report.

Presentation by Evren Sonmez from Living Streets Alliance, a Tucson-based non-profit organization focused on creating great streets for all. Evren Sonmez talked about the Complete Street initiative, which intends to create safe routes to commute to school or work and safe-reliable transportation options for all regardless of age, income, ethnicity, mean of transportation, etc. The Complete Streets may include: Sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, and bike routes along busy roads; shade trees and traffic calming features on quiet neighborhood streets; inviting public spaces for people to walk, bike, and interact; etc. To find more information visit: Tucson Mayor and Council are scheduled to vote on the Complete Streets Policy on Tuesday February 5th. Check

New business:
The corner of Water and Campbell, where Eegees is located, has a no-parking sign that is hidden and people tend to park in both sides of the street. This results in a very narrow street for traffic. Officer Gradias will contact City streets to explore solutions to this problem. Paint curb red vs. cutting tree was considered

Joan Daniels representing the Grant Rd. Coalition presented info on the Grant Road Widening.
Phase 5 of Grant widening is scheduled to start in 2021, from 1st Avenue to Tucson Blvd. In the part of Grant just finished, the sounds of traffic light beepers were lowered due to causing disturbance in neighborhood and the light volume was decreased.
Our neighborhood needs to be involved in the following two committees, contact Brian for more information:
A) Linear park committee, which would help plan the landscaping along the widening of Grant.

B) Grant-Alvernon Safety coalition initiative –Monthly meeting with police with the central segment, comprised of five neighborhoods.

Joan Daniels also representing Jefferson Park neighborhood presented info about Historic Neighborhood status. Jefferson Park acquired Historic neighborhood status in 2012. They got grants from Heritage Alliance to pay part of the costs. The neighborhood paid approximately 37,000. The Historic Neighborhood status brings property taxes down by 35 to 45% for the houses that acquire historic status. Check:

* Treasurer reported that there is a balance of 1,450.52 as of January 26th 2019. Dues can be sent in for the year, $15 a year.

* Sunday February 17th will be the Valentine’s Pancake Breakfast at Amy Utzinger’s house. 2001 E. Rennoc Strav. People need to RSVP, so we have a head count. We also need volunteers.

Kristeen Anderson will continue the neighborhood newsletter.

Kris Teran has the Welcome for New Residents package. She asked to be informed when a new neighbor moves in the neighborhood so that someone can deliver a welcome package to them. There was also the idea of giving Welcome packages to realtors to put in houses for sale.

Report potholes to department of transportation if they are damaging cars.

The corners of neighborhood boundaries are in need of artistic design. Suggestion to change neighborhood name was made. The neighborhood has had different names in the past. Brian will investigate procedure to change name.

Office Gradias provided his report. There was a complaint about homeless staying at Conner Park at night. The homeless cannot be expelled from the park during the daytime as it is a public area, but it is not okay for them to stay after hours. There is a homeless protocol that has to be followed. The police or Old Pueblo Community Services can be contacted to seek support.

Other: Service line Insurance can be obtained to obtain protection for all utilities from street to your house thru your home insurance policy. It is usually in the form of a “Service Line Insurance Endorsement”. Check with your home insurance to find out costs.

Meetings are the 4th Monday of the month. Next meeting February 25th.

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