Minutes – Annual Meeting, December 12, 2013

Grant-Campbell NE Neighborhood Association

Annual Meeting, December 12, 2013.

Ward III Office

Attendance:  11 neighbors; 2 guests: Erin Willett, www.buffelgrass.org and Judith Anderson, Ward III Council Aide.

Voluntary dues (suggested at $5) were paid at the door during sign in.

The meeting was called to order by Bill Baggesen at 7 pm.


Officers: Bill Baggesen – President
Chris Janton – Vice President
Jana Guymon – Treasurer
Bill Halvorson – Secretary

Others: We went around the table and introduced ourselves.

Minutes from last meeting (11/16/2012) were approved.

Treasurers Report was handed out.  The association currently has a bank balance of $475.58.

Associated Programs to help the Neighborhood

Tucson Clean and Beautiful by Bill Halvorson

Conner Park is being taken care of by an Adopt-A-Park group once a week.  Wilson Wash is now being cleaned by a neighborhood group in association with Adopt-A Wash. We have had instances of homeless people setting up camps under the Water Street Bridge, but all in all it is a pretty easy wash to take care of.

Buffelgrass presentation by Erin Willett who is with Tucson Clean and Beautiful

www.buffelgrass.org is funded by a $3million FEMA grant.  Buffelgrass was introduced to the United States from Africa for conservation purposes and as feed for livestock.  In most climates, it works quite well.  In the Tucson area, it’s a major problem because our summer and winter wet seasons are separated by dry seasons in which the grass becomes dormant and an extreme fire hazard.

Buffelgrass is present in all Tucson neighborhoods. Campbell/Grant has not been officially inspected, though it will be soon.  CGNE is not believed to have large amounts of mature buffelgrass.  Principal invasions will be found in alleys and easements.  Because it burns at extreme temperatures and can rapidly spread any fire, it should be identified and removed. There is no buffelgrass currently in the Wilson Street Wash because other species are thriving there.  Ms. Willett can be reached at outreach@buffelgrass.org and will get back to us when she has completed her inspection.

Trash Cleanup and tree and shrub trimming

Bill Halvorson reminded everyone that the next brush and bulky pickup will be the week of Feb 17, 2014. He suggested that he would be looking for neighborhood members that may need help and would be gathering a group of volunteers that are willing to help with trimming and cleanup. It was also stated that roll offs are available from the city. We can have up to 8 a year in any combination that we want.  This means that we do not have to wait for the two Brush and Bulky dates a year to solve a brush or trash problem if one arises. We want to get work crews together to help with this throughout the year.

Ward III presentation by Judith Anderson

Property residents are responsible for maintenance of right of ways, including alleys and easements.  That includes the trimming of trees that overhang streets and trees and brush that block access to alleys, easements, and signs.  Currently the only way that problems are handled is complaint driven. Judith handed out the law pertaining to the neighborhood and everything regarding complaints in the neighborhood is driven by private individuals. With a notice of violation, the resident has 30 days to comply. If the resident is unable to clean it up, the city will find a way to take care of it and then charge the resident a fee.

We have a few problems in the neighborhood with trees and shrubs that are blocking walkways, overhanging into streets, or blocking views for traffic or traffic signs.  It was proposed that it would be more neighborly if we could find a way to use the Association to put together work crews to help with trimming and cleanup. Bill Halvorson stated that he and Jana Guymon have gone through the Tucson Botanical Garden’s urban forestry program and that this might be a way for us to get people to help with these problems.

Parking on easements has been a problem in some areas and has been a bone of contention in some areas between residents who have no where else to park and the city.  Currently the no parking on easements rule is only being enforced east of Norris.  The officers would like to know of any problems that neighbors might still be having in this regard. Also, issues may be directed to Donovan Durband at Parkwise, 791-5071.

In dealing with homeless people, the police only want to be called if the homeless person is actually seen breaking the law, such as sleeping on your property or stealing, only then call the police. Becky Knowles (837-7428) can respond to issues with homeless people, if they are in need of help, Becky will have resources.

Ward III Neighbors Alliance

Carlos Nagel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was to come and talk about the alliance, Judith spoke in his place. The Alliance has been newly created as a 501c  corporation so that citizens can make tax free donations for Ward III neighborhood projects. The Alliance meets at the Woods Memorial Library, 3455 N. 1st Ave, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6 to 7:45.

Lend-A-Hand presentation by Connie Trecartin

Lend-A-Hand is a non-profit organization and part of Pima County Council on Aging.  Lend-A-Hand works to provide assistance to seniors, allowing them to remain independent and to live in their own homes.  Our neighborhood has four volunteers and four service recipients.  Thirteen different neighborhoods are presently being served. Our volunteers are presently mostly serving residents of other central city neighborhoods.  More volunteers are needed. CGNE became an official Lend-A-Hand neighborhood following a vote to approve at last year’s annual meeting. The Lend-A-Hand Board is working on a new brochure to use to get the word out so that people in our neighborhood know of the program, either needing the service or willing to volunteer.

Neighborhood List Serve by Chris Janton

The list serve was moved last year from Yahoo, where it had approximately 95 members, to Google, where it has expanded to approximately 140 members.

Election of Officers:

Bill Baggesen chose not to run for another year as president, Chris Janton and Jana Guymon were willing to serve for another as Vice President and Treasurer.  Bill Halvorson was nominated for the office of President and Mike Hayes was nominated for office of Secretary.  The election of each officer was unanimous and without opposition.

The officers for 2013-14 are:

President – Bill Halvorson
Vice President – Chris Janton
Treasurer – Jana Guymon
Secretary – Mike Hayes

New Business

Bill Halvorson stated that he would like the neighborhood association to take on three things immediately after the first of year:

1. Conduct a Spring Clean-up

2. Hold a Spring Picnic

3.  Explore ways to get more residents involved again by determining what they want and need from the association – included in this will be an assessment of the need and desire for a more regular newsletter.

Renters – We have some 450 homes and a number of apartment complexes in the neighborhood. In addition to owners, we have many renters.  A suggestion was made to institute an Adopt-A-Renter program.  Adopted renters are thus likely to feel more like they’re part of the community and, as a result, keep their property cleaner and behave with respect for the peace and quiet of their neighbors.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

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