Minutes – Annual Meeting, December 2014

Campbell Grant Northeast Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting

December 17, 2014
Ward III Office

Voluntary Dues and Donations were collected at the door during sign in.

President Bill Halvorson called the meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.


Officers: Bill Halvorson – President
Chris Janton – Vice President
Jana Guymon – Treasurer

Mike Hayes, the 2014 Secretary resigned upon moving out of the neighborhood in late fall 2014, leaving the position vacant.

Others: Ten other people were present (8 residents and 2 guests) each introduced themselves and said a bit about how long they have lived in CGNE. Rebecca Cramer filled in for Mike Hayes as recording secretary.

Minutes from last meeting (12/12/2013) were approved unanimously.

Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Jana Guymon gave the treasurer’s report. The current balance is $462.67. The report was also approved unanimously.

Associated Programs to help the Neighborhood

Ward III Council Aide, Judith Anderson, provided an update on the City Council’s recent actions. This included:

Copper/Flower Bike Boulevard – some action is expected in the neighborhood in 2015, this first of which will be at the Campbell Rd. crossing.

Grant Road Project Status – the widening past the neighborhood has now been pushed out until the 2020 time period and there is planned a repaving of Grant between Campbell and Tucson Blvd. this year.

Brush & Bulky pick in Ward III. In addition to the normal 2 pickups / year, the city will bring in 2 neighborhood roll-offs. This results in our having normal Brush and Bulky service the weeks of January 19 and July 20. The extra roll-off service will be sometime during the months of April and October.

The city has also decided to increase the Roll Off limit from 4 to 8 / year / neighborhood. If anyone in the neighborhood has a big clean up job to do and could use a roll-off container, you can contact the Ward III office or the neighborhood president and either can help you with getting one for a long weekend – usually they are available from Thursday to Tuesday.

“Next Door:” a neighborhood focused communications program is now in development and in Tucson. Nextdoor can be considered a modern, more attractive version of a community email list service or Yahoo Groups, the popular message board. Users can post neighborhood news, offer items for sale, ask for help finding lost pets or organize a block party.

Of the five million messages exchanged each day on Nextdoor, Mr. Tolia said, the network’s users send more than one million recommending services to one another. Around 80 percent of those posts are discussions about local service providers and businesses.

Dog Watch –the city is training dog walkers to become neighborhood observers.

Tucson Clean and Beautiful: Bill Halvorson reported that trash is regularly picked up in Conner Park by an Adopt-A-Park group once a week and Wilson Wash is being checked for graffiti and trash once a month by a group under the Adopt-A-Wash program.

Tucson Independent Police Auditor Tristy Terwilliger presented a description of her duties observing and aiding TPD whenever there is an issue involving citizens and the police department.

Announcements made by Vice President Chris Janton:

There are currently 165 residents on the CGNE listserve.

CGNE has a website. The address is: cgne-tucson.org

New Business:

CGNE will hold a spring picnic as well as a fall picnic in 2015. Details of the spring event will be forthcoming.

Election of Officers for 2014-15:

The slate proposed was
Bill Halvorson, President
Chris Janton, Vice President
Jana Guymon, Treasurer
Rebecca Cramer, Secretary

Bev Rutter motioned that the slate be accepted as presented, and her motion received a second.
The slate was elected by a show of hands.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25.

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