My Magic Carport – Vicki Mills

My Magic Carport Vicki Mills, July 15, 2014

About a month ago, there was a story in the Saturday paper about Catholic Social Services collecting items for all the immigrant children being brought to Nogales. The article listed the kinds of things they wanted to collect for the children. I sent an email to my neighborhood association about the article, since I know many people don’t get the paper anymore, and I said I would collect items and deliver them. I told people just to leave things in my carport, giving them a deadline of Monday morning to drop things off.

By the end of the day that I sent the message, the bags and boxes started piling up and by the deadline, there was an amazing collection of stuff. There was so much, that I couldn’t fit it all into my car. I had to get a friend to help transport some of the bags and we filled up both cars. It took us three or four trips to carry everything from our cars into Catholic Social Services. I felt good about doing this and good about the generosity of my neighbors. And I thought that was that.

But it wasn’t. Two weeks later, a box of shoes appeared in my carport, along with a bag of toiletries. The shoes were my size, so they were definitely for adults – tennis shoes, flats, sandals and even a pair of bathroom slippers. I wasn’t completely sure that the shoes were for the immigrant children, but I thought that toiletries definitely were. About that time a neighbor called telling me she had more stuff and she asked if I could deliver it. She left two huge bags of clothing and toys for the kids in the carport. So I took this second delivery to Catholic Social Services. And I really thought that that would be the end of it.

But, again, it wasn’t. Several days ago and I noticed a new bag sitting in my carport. Upon inspection, that bag contained clothing for adults. This is now almost 4 weeks after my first appeal and the new bag is clearly not for children, at least little ones. But I made a third trip to Catholic Social Services, who actually work with immigrants of all ages, and they gladly took the adult clothing.

I have never seen anyone leaving anything in my carport – the bags are just there. I accused my neighbors of being stealth donators. I am beginning to think that my carport may be magic and that every week new bags of stuff will just appear. Over the years, I have had things taken out of my carport and front yard, so this phenomenon of things being given is new and much more fun. I now eagerly await the next mystery deposit.